Satisfied clients
- best recommendation

Long-term parking

Kitchen display system
integrated with dotykacka.

Vouchers solution
and online shop.

Platform for ordering
meals in restaurants.

App for supporting internal
restaurant processes.

Loyalty system and
brandable marketing app.

Customer satisfaction
survey system

Web portal for the valet
service ordering system

Active Bible


Management portal
of Eversound

Neighborhood network
for community members

Online recruitment

Museum catalogue
and inventory

Password manager

Mobile App for Waiter
and Kitchen Staff

Machines temperature

Telecom cost

Silent Auction Software Bidding and voting

Chess rating calculation software

Join our growing list of satisfied clients!

„In LBPro there was a very deep concern for the way the project was developed, not just that it would work but that it exceeded what we’ve expected!”

Dave Gibson

„You guys have done a great job, customer feedback we are getting is tremendous! Customers that are buying from us continue to buy at new locations. We really like working with LBPro!”

Ken Lovegreen

„One of the things that we love about working with LBPro is just their sense of professionalism, their sense of business savviness that allows with them to not only develop our software but to also give us recommendation on how we can better structure our business to get the most out of it.”

Patrick Kasongo

„We want to say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for what you are doing. Your expertise, your skills are adding value to what we are doing. Thank you!”

Doug Hamm

„We are all looking forward to our journey with you and thank you very much for help and support over the years!”

Simon Stockwell

„Mam nadzieję, że nasza współpraca z firmą LBPro będzie przebiegała tak jak do tej pory – bardzo owocnie. Za tą współpracę bardzo dziękuję.”

Andrzej Nartowicz

” …another piece of working with LBPro that I’ve really enjoyed is this not just identifying the differences in our cultures but also identifying the different expectations of each other cultures.”

Dave Gibson

„We have been working with LBPro for approximately two years now. We are looking forward to a successful product launch and enjoying partnering with you.”

Jim Flemming

„I would recommend LBPro to any of the customer or prospect that you are looking at. The quality of the work and the timeliness of the work is great and it also works!”

Ken Lovegreen

„We are very pleased with our development partnership with LBPro! In our time working
together they have been very reliable and what they deliver works! We need partners
that can take our business requirements and turn them into functioning software tools,
LBPro is the first firm I have worked with that does this well.”

Ric Reifel

“Fantastic job of trying to get a deep understanding of the business concept being
communicated by me in order to deliver the product that fits my needs.
…team with exceptional creativity and experience.”

DeWitt B. Corrigan

“It has been a pleasure working with you. You try not to embellish, but rather speak
realistically about things … You are the type partner I like to work with.”

Rob Esmer

„Your patience and vision ensured our project turned from an idea on paper to a fully operational web application, bringing our idea to life. […] We look forward to working on more projects with you in the future.”

Tammy Urwin

„We have a strong ongoing cooperation with LBPro team who constantly support and expands their services to us through understanding our requirements and offering innovative solutions.”

Andy Byrne

„LBPro have a unique and innovative approach to design. They listen well to what their client needs, and offer their own experience and creativity that, more times than not, has made our product concept better. The LBPro team is extremely talented and they continue to expand their services by offering non-standard features.”

Kenneth Todd