You name it
We create it

What we do

What we do

We expand your ideas
to the level you've never expected!

Comprehensive idea-based business development

Share your business ideas with us - we put them into practice

We help you identify and analyze key requirements to create a customized solution for your needs that is optimized to ensure productivity and efficiency. We investigate your business processes from a comprehensive point of view, guaranteeing that your ideas and the end solution, will be in line with your business plan.

Tailor-made software solutions

as a result of exhaustive business analysis

Our streamlined system processes are designed to directly impact on your businesses' effectiveness and ensure profitability through enhanced information management. We provide the highest standard in software and consulting services by solving your most challenging business and technical issues.

  • Mobile - applications, creme end user interfaces
  • SQL database
  • BI tools, OLAP
  • Interfaces to 3rd party software
  • Web portals
  • Firmware + Hardware


soft library

soft library

Bidding & Voting
Task Management
Interactive Videos
Let's use
to build


Soft Library is an effective business improvement tool that utilizes our existing modules, individualized for your unique process.

Our core libraries allow LBPro to rapidly develop comprehensive, tailor-made solutions designed to enhance bottom-line profitability while positioning your business to quickly take advantage of future growth opportunities. 

How we do it

How we do it

Inspiration comes from you
Solution comes from us

We gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of your expectations by evaluating all aspects of your business to create the best possible solutions.

Our Objetives:

  • To fully understand your ideas and business processes
  • To thoroughly analyze the end product/service business case and it's practical application
  • To make our solutions and tools as easy to use and effective as possible

Who we do it for

Who we do it for

Alliance – the best definition of how we like to work

startup / smb / sme ?

Contact us!
We support your ideas through:

  • Creating new software-based services and products
  • Extending and enhancing systems currently in use
  • Adding functions and integrations to complement currently existing tools.

Our solutions are geared toward your clients, the end users.

Please contact our US Sales Representative:

Jim Fleming P: (972) 603-8557 E:

Who we are

Who we are

Alliance - the best definition
of how we like to work

The Company

We are a Polish business development company staffed with talented people who have over 25 years of experience in delivering customized world-class software solutions.

We are passionate about turning your ideas into highly effective systems and resolutely motived to offer innovative solutions to ensure your business keeps pace with rapidly changing market demands.

Who we are

We are intensely focused
on performing on the highest level

The Team

Our dynamic and collaborative working team consists of highly qualified business consultants, analysts, software consultants, software developers, graphic designers and product managers.

Where we are


Octowa 2A
15-399 Bialystok, Poland
+48 690 003 887

Dabrowskiego 207/225
93-231 Lodz, Poland
+48 538 818 149

+48 690 003 887

NIP: 542-323-29-09
REGON: 200802377
KRS: 0000474195

Our Clients

Our clients are North American, Middle Eastern and European businesses.